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Zero Sperm? HUH? WHAT?? May 11, 2008

Yeah, that’s right! My wonderful husband has ZERO SPERM!!! All that trying for NOTHING! Can you believe it? I can’t, we can’t! It’s crazy!

So… that’s part of why I haven’t been on for a while. This took a while to digest. I thought this blog would be a wash but HELL NO! Why should it? Onward and upward, right?

What ever will we do? Well, looks like we will have to go the donor sperm route and then do IUI.

Lots has been happening though. Hubby lost his job before Christmas and is still out of work so our baby making journey is kinda on hold until then.

I finally went to the Dr. about the pains and such I was having and turns out I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and some hydatid cysts (whatever those are).

I had my laproscopy.. it helped.. but now still having pain on the right side. I will give it some more time and if not I’ll go back to the doctor. I really would be happier if I never have to do another bowel prep in my life but I’ll just have to suck it up. Really, the surgery wasn’t bad at all… the worst part about the whole thing was the bowel prep, I swear!

We are trying to be positive about the whole thing and pray things will line up soon cause we aren’t getting any younger.


God Bless!


Moving O September 27, 2007

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This is my first full cycle charting and I have to say it’s starting to drive me crazy! Now it moved ovulation from CD 18 (when I orig thought it was more like CD 17) all the way up to CD 20. I’m not sure what to believe anymore! This new change is based on my temps but I feel all other symptoms point to earlier. So, now I am only 4 DPO instead of 6 which means if I am pregnant there’s not a chance in hell I’ll know before I leave town and I’ll be away from hubby for a month and would have to tell him over the phone. Of course, it’s probably a bust anyway because of the flomax so I guess it really doesn’t matter. Also, my moving O makes us only have two bd sessions within 5 days of O which will now make this even less likely to turn our way this cycle.

Come January we’ll have been trying for a year but one or two of those months I wasn’t in town during my fertile time so I guess I can’t count those.

We want a baby so bad and I just don’t understand why all of a sudden it’s so hard when you are trying but my two other pregnancies (which ended in loss) were both accidents.

Hubby and I have already faced more adversity in life then most people do in a lifetime so why can’t we just have this one thing?

I want to give my husband the daughter he’s always wanted and I just fear now that it’s never going to happen.


Frustration with temping… September 26, 2007

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If you could only see the thoughts in my mind… they are much too fast to type them all out.

Ya know, one would think the whole temping thing is pretty straight forward but it seems to be more confusing then originally thought.

I am an insomniac so I can’t always temp at the same time. Many times my temp time is way off OR it’s a temp without sleeping 3 full hours. I can’t seem to figure out which one would be more accurate (sometimes it’ll stay the same). Like this morning for instance.. I took my temp around 2:30 and it was 98.7 but then after getting at least 3 hours of sleep I took it again just before 5:30.

Now here’s the kicker… if these temps are right and assuming yesterdays was too.. then today is day 2 above coverline which means that I O’d on CD 21 instead of 17 or 18 like I was thinking before because all signs (OPK’s, CM, CH… etc) except for temp pointed to it.

Now I feel like I still won’t know even when I get my bloodwork results back because that was ON CD 21.

If I O’d on CD 21 then we are probably out for this cycle since there would only be 1 lovemaking session in the 5 day window instead of 3.

I also failed to mention that I think I am catching a bug that hubby has now had for a couple of weeks so yesterday and todays high temps could also be a result of that.

I’m not sure what to trust now.

I’m really frustrated


CD 23 ~ 5 DPO

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By the time I get done writing this it’ll be CD 23 which will also be 5 DPO, maybe??

According to my temps I have NOT O’d yet but I’m not sure how much I believe that. According to OPK’s I O’d on CD 18 but I gotta say.. I really feel like it was more like CD 17. So, did I O? 

Well, I guess I shall soon find out. I had a CD 21 blood draw and am anxiously awaiting those results. If I did O then at least I will know that temps can’t always be trusted in an insomniac. I plan to switch to vaginal temping next cycle along with getting a basal therm.

Hubby has still not made an appt with his Urologist to get off of Flomax! We have enough factors working against us so it would be great if we could eliminate this factor since it’s probably one of the only we can actually control.

I really thought last cycle was it… all things pointed to yes and I was a total obsessive psycho HPT-er. Another lesson learned… the ONLY thing you can trust is a positive test.. even AF lies!!

I hope to find time to come on here and discuss things. I am new to blogging so I guess we’ll see how it goes.



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